3 Days 2 Nights
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Adventure Tour
Group Size
20 People
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    Hambaricho Mountain

    The 777 staircases of Hambaricho Mountain is becoming the new face of the Kambata people. The majestic Hambaricho Mountain at 3058m asl offers visitors a stunning view over the beautiful countryside. Hambaricho is believed to be the cradle of Hambaricho Lamala- the seven founding groups of Kambata. Climbing the beautifully built steps on the mountain will have a great opportunity to unveil the least known but fabulous culture, history, and spiritual traditions of the Kambata People. The area is also known for its cultivation of Enset- the false banana plant which is one of the staples of the area. Hambaricho is 8km from Durame, the zonal capital of Kambata.




    Leave Addis Ababa for Hambericho on the Butajira road before turning towards Wulbareg. We will stop at Halaba town for an early lunch before heading onto Hambaricho via Durame, the zonal capital of the Kambata People. The 280km road will take about 6 hours. Climb the 777 steps of the majestic Hambaricho Mountain and get immersed into the least spoiled culture of the formidable Kambata people while enjoying the green and scenic landscapes. Stay overnight camping with the campfire.
    Leave Hambaricho for Rift valley lakes via Shashemene. Visit the Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park for Ostriches, Gazelles, Warthogs, and many more woodland birds from a closer range. Then, proceed onto Lake Shalla, the deepest Lake in Ethiopia blessed with numerous hot springs before proceeding onto Lake Langano to stay overnight camping with a campfire.
    Today we will have a very relaxing morning- swimming in bilharzia-free Lake Langano, walking on the shore of the lake spotting birds, etc. Around mid-day leave Langano for Addis Ababa stopping at Ziway(Batu) for lunch.

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